The World’s Leading AI Summits 2021

Image by Markus Winkler from Pixabay

In 2021, AI Tech summits will play a pivotal role in the technology world. They provide a creative platform where the fresh and aspiring connect and network with the experienced veterans in hopes of exchanging new ideas and innovations that further their intellectual capacities and take their business to the next level.
If you are interested in exchanging ideas and staying up to date with the latest developments and innovations in the tech world, then we suggest you take part in one of the following summits which are considered to be the best in the world.

GPU Technology Conference
GTC is considered one of the world’s leading AI conferences. The last conference which took place from March 22-26 in San Jose, CA was also online. This summit gathers developers, researchers, engineers, and innovators who want to enhance their skills exchange ideas and gain a better understanding of how AI will transform their work. Nvidia
is a graphic chip manufacturer who is known for creating interactive graphics. Most of their revenue comes from GPU (graphic processing units) which are used for competitive gaming, professional visualizations, and crypto mining. During this summit, Nvidia experts make presentations and are available to speak with the attendants during their breaks.

DATAx Summits
DATAx Summits are sponsored by Innovation Business, an organization that mainly deals with AI and Big Data. During this summit, professionals are seeking to find real-world solutions to common problems in order to grow their businesses and gain a larger share of the market. The conferences are divided into different sections, each focusing on a different industry, such as AI use in the healthcare sector or Big Data for marketing. Also, the DATAx Summits usually attract executives of media and technology firms who are introduced to using AI technologies in the best ways possible to transform their businesses. Some of these firms include Google, Apple, Amazon, and Disney.

RE WORK Events
RE WORK hosts numerous AI-based events, but it is best known for its Finland Summit. This conference connects people in the tech and finance sectors and allows them to learn and share information on the latest developments in machine learning applications.

O’Reilly AI Conferences
This conference is sponsored by O’Reilly Media, a pioneer in AI-related publications since the early 80s. They are still considered to be one of the best book publishers on the subject. They have covered many subjects from general publications on common programming languages to numerous volumes on very particular frameworks.

Nordic Data Science Summit
The NDSS is the most popular AI-related event in the Nordic countries. Many successful businesses and brands attend this conference. Its mission is to provide insights into the latest challenges, trends, solutions, and opportunities. At the conference, professionals and specialists have table discussions on specific topics. Participants are also allowed to take part in the discussions and expand their knowledge on the future of AI development.

World Summit AI
The World Summit takes place in Amsterdam and attracts big names and important players in the industry. For example in 2019, Dr. Hui Xiong, a representative of Baidu (China’s most popular search engine) was the guest speaker. Other guests included representatives from Apple, Facebook, Uber, and Amazon.

AI Conference Kyiv
At this event held in Kyiv, Ukraine, experts talk about their experience in the successful application of AI and the results, goals, and forecast for technology in the near future.
Some issues addressed include prospects of AI in the business segment, machine learning in retail, AI in manufacturing and communication, and many more.

AI Everything 2021
AI Everything is exactly what the title says it is. It unites governments, innovators, companies, industry experts, policymakers, and investors to come together and support AI. It is attended by over 10,000 people worldwide making it one of the largest summits in the country. Many small and start-up businesses come to see demonstrations of AI technologies.