5 In-demand Information Technology (IT) Jobs

photo by People Creations

The IT industry is a major part of the tech industry and continues to grow. As projected by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, it is expected to grow by 12% by 2028 – much faster than most occupations. Of course, with growth come new opportunities and jobs – so if you are looking into starting a career in tech, here are the top 5 IT jobs that are in demand right now. 

Computer support specialist

As a computer support specialist, you will be responsible for providing technical support to users. You will also look after computer networks, fix any problem in case of a need, and help customers and clients deal with any issues they might have. As a computer support specialist, you might work within an organization as a part of the IT team or offer individual users support over the phone and/or email. 

To get a computer support specialist job, you will need a high school diploma or an associate degree. You should be familiar with hardware and software installation, Microsoft Active Directory, and customer service. 

Computer systems engineer

Computer systems engineers are responsible for the creation of computer and data communication networks. They execute the layouts and decide on the needed hardware and its placement, calculate data storage, speed, and software needed for the system. 

To work as a computer systems engineer, you will need a bachelor’s degree and be trained in Linux, Java, and systems engineering.  

Data warehouse analyst

As a data warehouse analyst, you will create and maintain computer systems that can handle the storage of large amounts of data. You will need to implement methods of processing or retrieving data and addressing all privacy and security requirements. 

You might not need a bachelor’s degree, just a high school diploma and some experience for some positions. You need to be fluent in Informatica, SQL, and ETL (Extraction Transformation and Loading). 

IT project manager

An IT manager is responsible for the management of information technology projects. Some of your responsibilities will include identifying project requirements, planning and maintaining the budget and schedule, managing communication with the company and the clients, and leading the project team. 

To land a job as an IT project manager, you will need a bachelor’s degree or higher, and some of the top skills include software development, scrum, and JYRA. 

Systems analyst

Systems analysts review the organization’s information processing needs and plan and organize computer networks, implement the needed software, and test the system for efficiency, accuracy, and ease of use. 

You will need a bachelor’s degree in information science or computer science for most systems analyst jobs and to be familiar with SQL, SAp, and systems analysis.