Best Technology Jobs for the Future

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With the growth that the tech industry is experiencing, there is no shortage of opportunities. No matter if you are looking to start your career or to advance in a different role, you will be able to choose from plenty of tech jobs. 

To get you started, here is a list of the top 20 technology jobs in demand right now – read on to find out the average salary, educational requirements, and job outlook for each one of them.  

Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning Engineer

This position is in high demand right now because of the shift in focus of the tech industry towards automation. As an Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Engineer, you will use big data to train models for economic forecasting, image recognition, natural language processing, and other fields. The average salary for the position is $146,085. 

Data Scientist

More and more data is collected by companies, businesses, and organizations every day so skilled experts in data science are in demand. You will spend your time cleaning, complying, and presenting data so that the organizations can make informed decisions. An average salary for the data scientist position is $120,495. 

Information Security Analyst

Information security analysts are responsible for the protection of information systems from hacker attacks and security breaches. They ensure that sensitive company information and user data is safe and that effective protective systems are implemented within the organization. The average salary for the position is $98,360. 

Software Engineer

As nowadays everybody is using some kind of software daily, it is no wonder that software engineering is in high demand. To become a software developer, a degree in computer science will be useful, but more and more companies are looking for practical experience in software application development and not so much for educational background. The average salary for the position is $105,590. 

Computer Research Scientist

This is one of the most rewarding technology careers as you will be at the forefront of all tech innovations and help to drive computer technology progress. The average salary for a computer research scientist is $118,370. 

Data Analyst

Data analysts need to possess great skills when it comes to data interpretation as they ensure the accuracy of data and look for the best ways it can be used for the needs of the company they work for. Expect an average salary of $118,370 as a data analyst. 

IT Manager

IT managers coordinate everything within the IT department and are in charge of highly skilled tech teams as they are looking to improve IT systems. An average salary for an IT manager is $142,530. 

Database Administrator

Similar to data scientists, database administrators work with large amounts of data and help their clients to process the information. They maintain databases and make sure that the computer systems run effectively and efficiently. The median salary for the position is $90,070. 

Web Developer

As a web developer, you will design and support websites and web applications, using programming languages and frameworks. As the internet is not going away anytime soon, the web developer position will continue to be in demand. Expect an average salary of $78,662. 

Computer Hardware Engineer

A computer hardware engineer designs, builds, and repairs computer hardware that makes the system work. Even though the software is the face of the IT industry, there will always be a demand or hardware engineers. The average salary for the position is $114,600. 

Computer Systems Analyst

As technology changes so fast, there is a growing need for computer system analysts – professionals who analyze computer systems and find ways to make them more effective. As a computer systems analyst, you can expect an average salary of $88,740. 

DevOps Engineer

A DevOps engineer works with the production of software and makes sure that everything goes smoothly with the code release. They monitor, troubleshoot, and edit the software to ensure that everything runs smoothly and without issues. An average salary for DevOps Engineers is $111,311. 

Computer Network Architect

As a computer network architect, you will be designing cloud computing infrastructure and complex digital systems for businesses. The position comes with a median salary of $109,020.  

Java Developer

Java is used in various industries such as finance, Android apps, research, big data, and more. As a Java developer, you will use your programming skills to develop and test programs. The average salary for a Java developer in 2019 was $103,464. 

Tech Sales Engineer

You do not need to know how to code to get a job in tech sales. But you will enjoy a good salary – an average of $101,420, plus commission and other benefits within this highly rewarding position. 

PHP Developer

As a PHP developer, you will use your skills and knowledge to improve software and websites b adding new functions. As it is the foundation of WordPress development, PHP development is a very sought-after tech job, with an average salary of $86,616. 

Python Developer

Python is a very popular programming language, and as a Python developer, you will create and test code for various software, apps, and systems. You will work with cloud and web development, data mining, machine learning, and will regularly update and evaluate programs. The average salary for a Phyton developer is $85,571. 

Network and Systems Administrator

This is a high demand position because every business uses systems and networks and need professionals to manage and maintain these systems. As a Network and Systems administrator, you can expect an average salary of $82,050. 

Mobile Application Developer

If you are creative and have great problem-solving skills, a mobile application developer might be the perfect job. As the mobile application industry is growing, so is the demand for developers. The average salary for the position is $73,034. 

Web Designer

Just like web developers, web designers work with websites and web applications but are focused more on the visual aspects of website building. There are plenty of opportunities for web designers on the market, and the average salary is $64,030.