Keep an Eye on These Job Trends in 2020

Photo by Retha Ferguson from Pexels

2020 will see companies using new operating models, leading to a major transformation as a result of new technology. It all means changes for the job industry.

Check these 8 trends in the US job market as you embark on your career in 2020.

Data science is growing in popularity

Showing significant growth in the market, Data science is both growing in the market and as a field, to the point of doing away with traditional jobs like statisticians. Insurance, amongst other sectors, will see the changes from data science in the next few years.

Continued exponential growth in engineering roles

As illustrated by this year’s U.S. job trends, it’s always a good time to be an engineer. Despite engineering being around for a long time, it doesn’t stop growing as a profession. Indeed, it will have accounted for over 50% of the up and coming jobs in the US, including robotics and development.

Online learning is enticing more professionals. 

Online learning is attracting more people when they focus on professional development. Indeed the e-learning industry’s growth in recent years has made it a multibillion-dollar industry.

Sales and tech candidates, in particular, often fill roles in e-learning given the customer demand for online courses.

The tech industry values communication skills. 

Due to the high demand for positions in product owner, customer success specialist, and sales development representatives, so the future of the tech industry will depend on finding candidates and employees talented in people skills.

Technology will continue to advance and evolve. 

Technology will not slow down any day soon and will advance further in the coming years. To adapt the tech world to this and innovate, there will always be a need for top talent.

The car industry is one example where AI talent is being keenly recruited this year. Determined to win the race to build the first driverless car, companies are seeking out candidates such as robotics engineers, data scientists, and AI specialists.

Secondary cities boast numerous job openings in tech.

Lower cost of living along with remote working has made secondary US cities such as Pittsburgh, Portland, and Charlotte appealing to the creation of numerous opportunities for work for technology professionals.

Washington D.C. and New York City dominated by the tech industry

Washington D.C., as well as NYC and their surrounding conurbation, have grown thanks to opportunities in hotspots for technology professionals across many industries – talent sought in particular in cybersecurity, data science, and AI.

Priority is given to remote working

More than 40% of millennials have today put remote working at the top of their priorities when looking for a job. Considered as a perk of the job before, now it is seen as a standard for candidates when they assess a job opportunity.

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