Highest Paying Entry Level Tech Jobs for 2020

Photo by ThisIsEngineering from Pexels

Today is tech, and tomorrow is also tech. The industry is getting bigger and evolving by the minute as new technological means emerge and as more start-up companies emanate. With the industry evolving, there is a higher demand for professionals in the field.

There are many reasons why one chooses to work in the tech world: they love technology and want to create new tools; they want to be part of this digital revolution, or they like to be challenged and develop news skills.

Tech majors have seen an increase in the past decade, and this has not stemmed from high demand in professionals alone. Tech jobs offer a satisfying paycheck and exceptional working flexibility. Since most jobs include a computer, a worker can finish the assignments remotely, get employed anywhere, or freelance.

The job offers are increasing according to statistics from the Bureau of Labor, allowing people that know how to code or maintain security systems to be employed in various companies. And because these job offers are distinctive, they can be obtained both in flexibility and high wages even by entry-level workers with little to no experience whatsoever in the field.

So, if you’re thinking of starting your career in tech, here are some of the profiles in the industry where you can make good money even if you have just graduated (or if you’re really good, still in college).

  • Web Designer

Web designing is not as scary as it sounds, although you might need some sort of bootcamp training, or learn Adobe Creative Suite, HTML or CSS (if you are not learning this in school) prior to starting a position.

Web designing is more about user experience, creating a website and helping companies improve their presence online by updating their systems. If you have an artistic knack, possess communications skills, and have some knowledge of website development then you’re good to go. This is one of those jobs where you learn everything on your way.

  • Web Developer

Unlike web designing, where you create the looks of a website and its user experience, web developing is about building a website from scratch. Developers also help solve system issues, and the job description also includes some designing.

You might want to consider some knowledge in coding languages prior to starting in this position. You can pick up Java, Python, CSS, PHP, among many. If you have graduated in computer science, chances are you have already come across these languages, but there are also many online courses or coding bootcamps where you can learn them.

  • Social Media Manager

Statistics show that social media influences people’s behaviours, and ads on these platforms generate good sales. Think of Instagram influencers, how they sell you products, sometimes even without you realizing it.

Almost everyone has a social media account. Advertisers are starting to embrace these platforms to market their products, but they have been kind of slow. Social media is a good place to create a company’s online presence and its profile. And that’s what a manager does, basically. They help companies install and market their products and brands, develop a positive online presence, and help create a satisfactory relationship with consumers.

The good thing about social media administration is that you don’t need experience. But what you might need though, are some basic marketing and good communications skills, knowing your target audience and what they want, making out a certain plan that leads to brand growth, and obviously knowing how to use social media.

  • Data Analyst

Knowing how to sell a product to each customer, is what companies have always wondered about. And for that, they need data about the buyers’ preferences, behaviours, and habits. Once a company possesses those, they can meander to respond to consumer trends. And for that, they need a data analyst.

An analyst mines the data, gathers and analyzes it, identifies trends and interprets them. Though you might want to be savvy with databases and have some coding language knowledge like XML and Java. If you are considering a career as a data analyst, you might also need to improve your designing skills in delivering user-friendly data findings.

  • Tech support

These are the guys that fix your computer after it has crashed or the ones who fix your network system in case of troubleshooting. This position is all about problem-solving and it is a good starting position for recent graduates, but also students studying technology-related majors.