Programming Languages: The Good, the Bad and the Best Paid

Image by kropekk_pl from Pixabay

Below are some of the most popular programming languages and associated salaries.

Recently, Stack Overflow, the developer knowledge-sharing site released its 2019 annual developer survey.  It revealed the most popular, hated and well-paid programming languages worldwide.

It also surveyed 90,000 developers to find out their favorite languages. 

The most popular responses were Rust, Python, and TypeScript.

 Kotlin, Swift, Elixir, WebAssembly, Clojure, Go, and C# also made the top 10.

The common connection between the top 10 languages is that all but 2 were all created in the past 10 years.  Microsoft’s C# was created nearly two decades ago, and Python is 29 years old.

The most disliked language mentioned was Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), closely followed by Objective-C, Erlang, PHP, Ruby, R, C++, and Java.

Python, as well as being one of the most popular languages, also claimed the title for the “most sought after” language for the third year running.

Developers who don’t yet use JavaScript, Kotlin, Go, TypeScript, C++, Rust, WebAssembly, and Java mentioned that they would be most interested in learning them within the next few years.

The survey also stated which languages were associated with the highest salaries.  Globally, Clojure is the highest paying language, averaging $90,000.  F#, Scala, Go, Scala, Rust, Ruby, WebAssemnbly, and Erlang all attracted salaries averaging over $70,000

The top US salaries tend to be higher than the median global salaries for all of the languages.  However, HTML/CSS and C# are associated with the lowest salaries in the US.

In the US, the highest developer salaries range from $120,000 to $143,000.  The top-paying languages, in descending order, are Scala, Clojure, Go, Erlang, Objective-C, WebAssembly, Kotlin, Rust, F#, Elixir, Ruby, C, C++, and Swift.

Languages which attract salaries in the US within the $108,000 and $118,000 range include Bash/Shell/PowerShell, TypeScript, Java, Python, Asssembly, SQL, Dart, JavaScript, and R.       

The survey found that Microsoft’s Visual Studio Code and Visual Studio are the most popular development environments. Over 50% of mobile developers reported using Google’s Android Studio, and around the same amount regularly use Visual Studio Code.  Around a third mentioned they used Apple’s Xcode.  

This year male tech execs developers are expected to almost exclusively dominate the tech world.

Stack Overflow offered a blank field to ask who was the most influential person in 2019. Elon Musk, from Tesla and SpaceX, tops this list, with 30% of developers calling him the most influential person.  Only 7% named Jeff Bezos, Amazon CEO and 4% suggested Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO.

The only woman mentioned was Lisa Su, AMD CEO, who received 0.2% of the vote.  To put this in perspective, 2.2% think Donald Trump, who currently ranks fifth, will be the most influential person in tech.

Globally, 90% of Stack Overflow’s respondents identify as men.  11% of respondents from the US identify themselves as women.