Workshop Summit 2020- The Hands-on Tech Workshops


Just as the weather starts to warm up and we get excited about Spring, Brussels is getting excited about something entirely different. From March 2nd to March 6th there will be a brand new tech event jam-packed with hands-on learning.

The Workshop Summit in 2020 is an amazing opportunity where developers, devops, and designers get to meet, spending quality face-to-face time together in order to learn from each other and from the summit.

The Workshop Summit is one week of 15 intense workshops. It’s a non-profit event that has been organized by Hackages. The line up already includes expert speakers from across Europe. These speakers are ready to share all of the latest knowledge and the latest technologies.

Here’s what some of the workshops look like:

Golang- after getting comfortable with the Golang language, attendees will take part in building various applications, starting with cli. You will also be able to look at the tools associated with Golang for testing and debugging. Once this workshop is over, you’ll have a docker image with a binary of your microservice.

Ionic– the focus here is to teach attendees how to create a cross-platform mobile application. During this 8-hour workshop, you will be introduced to the blank template, working with lists, and using the Alert components. Other skills to learn include navigating to new pages, using the fab button, and sharing to social media.

Getting started with SVG animation- this workshop is all about putting a little fun into coding. You will learn the principles of animation, SVG basics and optimization, Greensock animation, and SVG morphing. Make sure you bring your laptop!!

Building modern applications with .Net Core 3.0- .Net cores popularity is growing and it can be used to develop anything from web pages to back-end applications. The goal for this workshop is to make sure attendees have the chance to use all the latest features of .Net Core 3.0

Mobile UX- building usable and delightful mobile apps. You can learn about generic mobile user behavior, which will help you design apps that people are looking for. This workshop covers the strategy, requirements gathering, prototyping, and user testing.

Other workshops include Advanced RxJS, Advanced React, Machine Learning with TnsorFlow.js and much more.


Kristijan Ristovski- founder of React Academy and has made products like Sizzy, Twizzy, and OK Google.

Benjamin Coenen- his passion is in web development and performance issues. He developed a chatbot called “Talk to my car”.

Stéphanie Walter- more than 10 years of experience as a UX Designer and a mobile expert. She talks about UX design patterns, mobile UX design, and more.

Cassie Evans- her area of expertise is animation. You can learn about SVG and CSS animation.

There are many more speakers lined up for the week of workshops. These people are experts in their field and you will have the opportunity to watch the masters in action.