Accommodation in Rome


If you plan to remain in Italy for over a half year you ought to get a permesso di soggiorno (license to remain) from the Questura (regulatory policy.) However, except if you intend to work, you most likely won’t require it on the off chance that you are a resident of the EU, even though it stays a lawful necessity. A particular proprietor/woman may request to see it.

Accommodation costs more the closer you get to the downtown area. Expect to pay 600-800€ every month for a room in a not too bad level in a sensibly focal area. Note the contrast between the idea of a camera, or a stanza (a room,) camera/stanza da letto (correctly a room) and a posto letto, which will very likely mean sharing a room with one or two other individuals. A few proprietors/women may give you a formal contract. Regardless of whether you get a formal contract, you will very likely be approached to pay a month, or even as long as two months’ store (cauzione.)

Here are some lease costs by size and area of condo:

  • 1 room well-suited/level in the focal point of Rome: 900-1,500 €/month, more often than not comes outfitted (arredato.)
  • 2-3 room well-suited/level in the focal point of Rome: 1,500-2,300 €/month.

You will locate various accommodation organizations; different wellsprings of accommodation are nearby papers and the announcement sheets of neighborhood colleges.

Bequest organizations are recorded in the business catalog under agenzie immobiliari. An organization’s expense of 1-2 months’ lease is expected when the agreement is signed.

When you lease, it is important to enroll in the town corridor. Installment of the nearby charge (Tassa di Registro) is divided down the middle by the proprietor and the occupant. Frequently, these systems are disregarded for shorter rental periods.


If you discover a condo that necessities significant fixes, the proprietor might be happy to take every necessary step, generally, the inhabitant must organize to do it by his/her very own cost. There are no immovable principles. In any case, minor fixes or support that are required during typical use are the responsibility of the inhabitant, while real fixes, for example, plumbing, wiring, blinds, and warming are the proprietor’s responsibility.


It is a smart thought to check the stock rundown cautiously when you sign an agreement. It ought to separate everything in the loft and express its condition.

The Notice

For long haul leasing, the standard contract is 4 years + 4 years. You ought to have the option to leave prior by giving notice to the proprietor. For the most part, a composed six or multi-month non-reestablishment see (disdetta) is because of the proprietor preceding the end of the agreement. Without this notice, the agreement is consequently restored. The notice ought to be sent by enlisted mail with an arrival receipt (raccomandata con ricevuta di ritorno) to dispose of any conceivable exchange of deficient notice. For shorter-term leasing, the notice time frame might be abbreviated to a quarter of a year on account of yearly contracts.

The lease is typically paid quarterly, and a multi month lease is required as a security and harm store. This ought to be set in a financial balance drawing interest, and came back to you less any add up to cover harms when you leave.

Looking and renting without an office

Looking independently for accommodation without the guide of a middle person-organization enables you to maintain a strategic distance from the expensive office charge and at times gives you greater adaptability, just as the opportunity to discover increasingly reasonable lease.

Be that as it may, where do you start? Major assistance will be to get a duplicate of the week after week Porta Portese paper for €1 at any newsstand, host to a large number of classifieds advertisements including a broad area on lodging rentals (Affiti.) Additionally, there are many “To Rent” (In Affitto) sheets posted outwardly of structures promoting properties in the region.