Software Developer Salary in Amsterdam (Netherlands)


Amsterdam is becoming far more than the recreational city it has been known for. It is now home to more than 1000 tech companies and a massive 60,000 qualified workers. Companies like and Tomtom were born in Amsterdam. Globally known companies such as Netflix, Uber, and Tesla all have their European headquarters in Amsterdam. This is helping put this booming city on the tech map, not just in Europe, but also in the world.

As you can imagine, with such huge technology companies working in Amsterdam, there is a high demand for qualified hires. Companies are thinking outside of the box in order to attract new staff. Some of the benefits provided are related to training opportunities and office perks. However, it is the salaries that are making business owners in Amsterdam proud. Hubspot stated that the average salary for tech candidates in Amsterdam is higher than the salaries of tech workers in London, Dublin, Paris or Berlin.

We are going to look at how much engineers are making in the frontend, backend, and full-stack development. The statistics come from offers candidates have received from January 2018 till now. They are averages to give you an idea.

As with most jobs, the more experience you have the higher your salary. An engineer starting out in Amsterdam will earn around 36,000€, increasing to 50,000€ with 4-6 years experience, up to 55,000€ with 8 or more years experience.

Out of frontend, backend, and full-stack, it’s the backend developers who earn slightly above the average. With a 0-1 year of experience, the average is 40,000€ compared with 35,000€. Once you have 8 or more years of experience the average salary is 56,250€. The average frontend salary with the same amount of experience will earn approximately 50,000€. That being said, for 1-2 years of experience and 6-8 years of experience, the average salary for frontend and backend developers is the same at 45,000€ and 55,000€ respectively.

A full-stack developer can expect a slightly higher starting salary than average at 36.500€. When an engineer has 1-2 years experience, a full stack developer can earn 42,500€, just under the average. After this, the salary increase along with the average:

  • 2-4 years- 45,000€
  • 4-6 years- 50,000€
  • 6-8 years- 55,000€
  • 8+ years- 55,000€

Engineering managers will enter with the same salary as a Backend developer, 40,000€. The salary increases substantially in the first few years. With only 1-2 years experience you can earn 50,000 and expect another 12,500 increase in the following couple of years (62,500€ for 2-4 years experience). The increase levels off around here, increasing slightly when engineering managers have 6-8 years of experience (65,000€).

These are exceptional incomes for a young country in the world of technology. It makes Amsterdam highly attractive for young workers, knowing they can work in a vibrant, multicultural city where companies take your career progression seriously. The statistics show that your salary will increase along with your experience and that your salary is very competitive compared with other major tech cities in Europe.