10 Reasons Why Paris Is the City for You


Even if you have never been to Paris, you know it is the city of love, friends, food, and wine. It attracts 13 million tourists each year from those who are in love with Mickey Mouse to those who love fashion. It is the city for those who want to enjoy life.

For many, it is a significant place for business and employment. Paris is the second-largest city in Europe in terms of economy. It is also in the top 10 leading economies worldwide.  There are around 2.5 million people living in the centre, with 12 million more in suburban towns. Many assume Paris is an expensive place to live in. Overall it is still 20% cheaper than in London.

We are going to go through the 10 principal reasons why you should consider moving to Paris:

The ideal balance of work and play

Despite its location, the French have a somewhat Mediterranean outlook on life. You work to live, not live to work. The working hours are capped across the whole of France. If you were to work in Paris you would have a 35-hour week. Anything over this and you would be paid double. Employees take advantage of 5 weeks of paid holiday on top of the 13 public holidays. If that wasn’t enough, you get to retire 4 years earlier than those over in Britain.

2. Social system, health care system and taxes.

30% of welfare and social funds come from taxes paid. The French are all about looking after families. Rent in Paris can be as high as 1,142€ per month, if you are on a low income, there is up to a 240€ subsidy.

If you are an expat living in Paris for less than 183 days per year and receiving your salary from another country, there is a double taxation agreement. You can pay your taxes in your country and not have to worry about being taxed again in France.

France’s healthcare system towers above others in Europe. Up to 70% is paid for by the government. The system provides social security, medical insurance, and family formation through the “carte vitale”.

3. Parks and gardens

If you love nature and the outdoors, Paris has 421 parks and gardens for you. This covers an area of over 3000 hectares. The parks are well maintained and you can enjoy the beautiful flowers, bush sculptures, and woods.

Two highly recommendable places to see are the secret orchid fields in Luxembourg Gardens and the waterfalls of Parc des Buttes-Chaumont. Both of these are in the heart of Paris.

4. Architecture

The Eifel Tower, the most iconic symbol in Paris, is the tallest building at 324m. Building structures over 180m is banned in the city, which prevents tall modern buildings popping up all over the place.

Paris boasts a mixture of Beaux-Arts, Gothic and Romantic architecture. Even if you aren’t a huge fan of the subject, you can’t help but marvel at the designs of some of the buildings.

5. Getting Around

You won’t need to buy a car in Paris, thanks to the organized and reasonably priced public transport system. There are three ways to get around, the Metro, Buses or RER (the railway system between suburbs). A single journey will cost 1.80€ but there are lots of combination tickets you can buy too. The commuter rail for those who are living further out is called the Trains de banlieue.

Paris is ideal for visiting other French cities as well as European cities. London is just 2 hours away by train or by ferry. The North of Spain can be reached by bus or by train. A return bus ticket will have you in Spain for around 60€!

6. Shopping

We all know the likes of Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent but there are thousands of options to suit the needs of everyone. Paris has three main shopping areas favored by the Parisians.  Behind the Bastille there is the Rue de Charrone- it is home to small fashion boutiques and funky independent shops. Between Rue de Marseille and Rue Beaurepaire is Canal Saint Martin, full of new labels and the latest designers. Finally, Marché St. Pierre in Montmarte. This area is great for people who want something more individual.

7. Food

Even the fussiest eater will rave about the food in Paris. The fresh, crispy bread is sold from bakeries, supermarkets, and even street vending machines. Traditional patisseries still use techniques from over 150 years ago. To really appreciate the food in Paris you can take a look at three of the best food markets:

  • Marché des Enfants Rouges- an indoor market on the Rue de Bretange. You can find international cuisine, fresh fish and flowers and you can find a nice place for lunch too.
  • Marché Rue d’Aligre- an outdoor market where you can find everything from Parisian cheese, fresh fruit and vegetables, and vintage clothes.
  • Marché Biologique des Batignolles- an organic market selling fruit, vegetables, essential oils cheese and meat. You also have the chance to meet some of the farmers.

8. Free time

If going to see an opera is on your bucket-list, Paris is the ideal city to treat yourself to an elegant evening out. There are also art galleries and numerous street performances.

Le Lucernaire is a cultural frenzy with theatres and cinemas, bookshops, bars, and restaurants. If the weather is a bit dull but you still want to go out, you can spend hours here.

9. Social life

The Parisians are not judgemental and are no interested in social status, despite their reputation. If you have a look at sites like meetupParis where you can meet lots of people and many in the same situation as you are.  If you really want to get to know the Parisians, you can go to someone’s home and enjoy a good meal with friendly people.

10. Additional reasons to move to Paris.

In Paris, dogs are welcomed and well cared for. You can take your dog into restaurants and you will find water fountains on the street so that they can get a drink.

The weather is fantastic! Paris gets to enjoy all four seasons.

It is normal for people to start getting active at around 1pm and there is absolutely nothing wrong with a glass of wine with your lunch.