Reasons To Move to Berlin


You have the idea of moving to Berlin but you just need the final justifications. Here are a few to help you.

Berlin is a city full of history and customs but it is also one of the leading cities for cultural change. It is a favoured city for young professionals because of the growing economy, positive job options and the nightlife. Berlin has a pleasingly low cost of life that allows people to late advantage of the high living standards.

Cost of living

It is a common misconception that Berlin is an expensive city to live in, mainly because it has the third largest economic power in the world. The cost of renting, travel and for example museum visits are all relatively cheap. You can get a short distance subway ticket for just €1.60. Tipping in restaurants is not expected and if you feel the need, 5% is ample.

Employment in Berlin

Berlin’s unemployment rate sits at half the European average, just 6.8%.

Those working in Berlin will enjoy some of the highest salaries in the world. There are also significant benefits and access to the welfare system, including the government mandated job protection. If that isn’t enough, how would you like to work 35 hour weeks and take 40 days of annual holiday?

It’s not just awesome for employment. If you are self-employed or looking to start up a business, Berlin is blooming in this area. Soundcloud and Better Place both began in Berlin. It is also a great city for co-working space. Rather than having to rent or buy an entire location you can rent a desk in an office or even a café, without paying an arm and a leg.


Culture in Berlin has boomed recently and is now home to a new generation of modern artists who have put Berlin on the cultural map. If you are looking for something to do you can visit on of the:

  • 1500 theatres
  • 300 art galleries
  • 250 public libraries
  • 175 museums
  • 130 cinemas or
  • 3 opera houses

If you are looking for some nightlife, Germany’s capital city is the leader in techno and house music and you can go to a pub or club almost 24 hours a day. Berghain clubs open at 1am and will stay open until Sunday midday, just in time for a lunchtime beer!

Protecting the Environment

Berlin has invested in their public transport system and thanks to this has become an eco-friendly city. There are 170 stations forming part of the underground system as well as a large-scale tram system and a substantial bus network. The increase in public transport has reduced the amount of traffic on the roads and pollution in the city. Not only this, but Berlin has an amazing rent-a-bike scheme. There are more than 400 miles of bike lanes, which makes the healthier option also safe! You can find bike stations on almost every corner of the city and renting a bike will cost you only 8 cents a minute. This is why Berlin’s traffic now consists of 15% of cyclists.

Whether you wan to start your own business, find a job, take in an opera or dance the night away, Berlin has opportunities for you.