How much do software developers make in Germany


Germany is a popular country for start-up hubs, angel investors and established tech businesses and in recent years has started to stand out in Europe thanks to its growth in the field of technology.

Those who are looking for work are extremely pleased with the fact that how we do business is constantly changing and the demand for engineers is on the rise.

So, what are the implications for Germany’s tech salaries? What are the potential earnings for a developer in Germany?

Honeypot gathered a wide variety of data based on job offers that had been received in 2017. We have summarized this data in order to give you an idea of the average salaries across Germany.

First we took a look at the average salary based on the number of years experience, also taking into consideration the minimum and maximum salaries.

0-2 years of experience: Average salary – 44,700€

                                             Minimum salary – 20,000€

                                              Maximum salary – 77,500€

2-4 years of experience: Average salary – 50,400€

                                              Minimum salary – 20,000€

                                              Maximum salary – 100,000€

4-6 years of experience: Average salary – 55,300€

                                              Minimum salary – 35,000€

                                              Maximum salary – 100,000€

8 + years of experience: Average salary – 63,200€

When comparing salaries of Berlin, Munich and Hamburg, it was Berlin and Munich which came out highest for those with 0-2 years of experience, 77,500€. Hamburg came a close second with 67,500€. Munich and Hamburg had higher minimum salaries at 30,000€ so Munich had the highest average salary at 49,400€.

Salaries increased the most when developers moved into 2-4 years of experience. Berlin’s maximum salaries were 100,000€ while their minimum salary remained close to 20,000€. Munich’s minimum salary only rose by 5000€ and surprisingly, Hamburg’s minimum salary actually fell to 20,000€. The highest salaries were 80,000€ in Munich and 75,000€ in Hamburg. Once again, Munich had the highest average salary at 52,200€.

The minimum salary for those with 4-6 years of experience remained the same at 35,000€, (however it increased from 22,000 for Berlin) as did the maximum salaries in Berlin. In Hamburg the maximum salaries rose to 90,000€ but again, surprisingly they dropped in Munich to 77,500€. Berlin and Munich had the higher average salaries at 55,600€

In Berlin and Hamburg, the minimum salaries dropped for developers with 6 – 8 years of experience but rose in Munich by 5000€. The maximum salaries remained the same in Berlin, fell in Hamburg and amazingly jumped over 30,000€ to 110,000€ in Munich, giving Munich the highest average salary at 60,200€.

For people with experience of 8 + years, minimum salaries only rose in Hamburg to 40,000€. The maximum salaries in Berlin were 120,000€, in Munich 100,000€ and a huge increase in Hamburg from 80,000€ to 110,000€. Once again Munich had the highest average salary at 64,500€.

Next we had a look at the data produced regarding income for different types of development jobs depending on their experience.

For 0-2 years experience there was a minimum salary of 20,000€ for frontend development and a maximum of 70,000€ for backend. The highest average salary was for developing ops at 53,800€.

When we examine the numbers for 2 – 4 years of experience we start to see a big difference. The minimum salaries rose slightly or in the case of developing ops, remained the same at 40,000€. There is a similarity with maximum salaries with all of them increasing except backend which remained at 70,000€. There was an impressive increase in the maximum salary of fullstack roles, from 60,000 to 100,000€.

With 4-6 years of experience the numbers don’t seem to be so dramatic. Minimum salaries are between 35,000€ and 50,000€ for developing ops. All maximum salaries increase slightly except for the fullstack roles, which falls down to 85,000€. The highest average earners were in developing ops at 57,100€.

Again, with 6-8 years, incomes seemed to be rather as expected. The salaries either stayed the same or rose slightly except for in frontend, which fell by 4000€.  Maximum salaries for backend, frontend and fullstack were 80,000€. Developing ops received maximum incomes of 110,000€ while mobile developers received 5000€ less. Developing ops once again had the highest average salary at 62,300€.

Finally we had a look at 8+ years of experience. The minimum salaries were for frontend and fullstack at 35,000€. It was pleasing to see the minimum wage increase to 50,000€ for developing ops roles. What sparked our interest is that fullstack also had the highest maximum salaries at 120,000€, a 40,000€ difference. Developing ops fell down to 85,000€