The Top 9 Software Engineering Conferences of 2022

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Continuing education is a critical part of software engineering. As the industry marches forward consistently, conferences keep individuals abreast of new technologies and help businesses stay competitive.

We’ve compiled a list of the top software engineering conferences happening in 2022 so you can schedule a time to augment your skills and move into the future with the industry.

Top Software Engineering Conferences This Year

SREcon22 Americas

  • Date: March 14-16
  • Sam Francisco, California, USA
  • Cost: 550$-1150$ Depending on whether you prefer in-person or online.

SREcon22 is a challenge for engineers. New engineers and industry professionals are invited to improve and innovate in systems engineering, complex distributed systems, and site reliability. This conference is geared toward critical thought for anyone from QA testers to network administrators, or from compliance experts to scientists.


  • Date: April 20–22
  • Paris, France
  • Cost: Varies from €290 for one day to €960 for all three days

Primarily focussed on Java, this conference is part of a family of conferences, with more than 300 exhibitors and 240 speakers, this conference gives a wide range of information on Java and other subjects, with labs and workshops included. The perfect conference for developers, software architects, and system administrators.

QCon Plus Online

  • Date: May 10–20
  • Virtual Setting
  • Cost: $799 (early bird pricing available)

This conference is a real-work application of experience. Attendees can expect senior software engineers from a variety of domains to share practical information and inspiration for creating software, technical leadership, and scaling architectures. This conference will be a revelation for senior software engineers, architects and team leads.

Open Source Summit North America

  • Dates: June 21–24
  • Austin, Texas, USA or Virtual
  • Cost: TBD

The Linux Foundation hosts these Open Source Summits in Austin, Dublin, and Tokyo. The North American conference will encourage collaboration and information sharing among open-source developers and technologists. There will be educational opportunities for software developers, programmers, open-source maintainers and Linux IT professionals on the newest technologies and innovation in open source.

Strange Loop

  • Date: September 22–24
  • St. Louis, Missouri, USA
  • Cost: TBD

The Strange Loop conference is focused on code. Marketing and process-oriented topics are kept to a minimum. This conference is meant for coding, about coding, and by coders. This is a great environment for developers, system engineers, security professionals, and entrepreneurs to put their fingers on the heartbeat of coding without extra information.

DotNETOS Conference

  • Estimated Date: October 4–6
  • Virtual
  • Estimated Cost: Free

This is the conference for members of the .NET community. Focussing on .NET 5, .NET Core, and .NET performance, it will feature top speakers from around the globe, including from companies like JetBrains or Microsoft.

DjangoCon US

  • Estimated Date: October 22–23
  • Virtual
  • Estimated Cost: Free

Web developers and hobbyists who use the Django web framework should mark this on their calendars. This conference will cater to everyone who uses Django, infusing diversity into the conference to make a conference that will be as informative as possible.

Microsoft Ignite

  • Estimated Date: Nov 2–4
  • Virtual
  • Estimated Cost: Free with registration

This conference is an in-depth look at everything Microsoft-related from architecture to usage, security, and development. This is the conference for Microsoft developers and architects to get deep technical training and answers from Microsoft experts.


  • Estimated Date: December 10–11
  • Virtual
  • Estimated Cost: €399 to €798

Focussing on fundamental building blocks for better and more modern software systems, this conference will cover developments in coding, architecture, security, leadership, and more IT topics. This is an excellent choice to grow your overall base of knowledge.

Which Software Conference Will You Choose?

There are a wide variety of conferences available in 2022, on a huge spectrum of topics. This offers the opportunity to develop skills in a wide base of topics.

With an increasing number of conferences being virtual this year, options for attending conferences have opened up. Costs of traveling to conferences have disappeared with virtual conferences, allowing us to widen our knowledge base for cheaper.