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Each year, DevOps conferences provide delegates with the most up-to-date knowledge about DevOps trends, methods, frameworks, platforms, and skills.

You can network with other practitioners, stay current on the newest DevOps developments, and help your firm achieve a competitive advantage by attending.


DevOps at RSAC 2022

Date: February 8

Venue: San Francisco, California, USA

Attendees will leave with practical knowledge, ideas, and tactics that they can share with their teams and immediately implement to help their organizations develop a modern cybersecurity approach.

Developers and DevOps practitioners should attend.

Methods and Tools for Agile, Testing, and DevOps Revisited

Dates: 9–10 February

Virtual Location (EMEA time zone)

Participants from Europe and the United States are the main focus of this event. In addition, DevOps and continuous integration testing, agile software testing, behavior-driven innovation, cloud-based functional testing, agile test management, and web services testing are topics to be discussed.

Who should attend: Developers, DevOps engineers, operations experts, security professionals, and software architects interested in the business benefit of DevOps.



Dates: 8–9 March

Virtual Location

Management and culture, transition, cloud and serverless, digital service creation, constant everything, and security and compliance will all be covered at this event. In addition, attendees will discover how better decision-making and better tools for DevOps produce customer value faster and with higher quality by looking at real-world examples.

Anyone involved in the DevOps ecosystem, such as executives, managers, engineers, programmers, and designers, should attend.

Americas SRE Con

The dates are March 14–16,

San Francisco, California, USA.

The Site Reliability Engineers (SRE) conferences are a series of gatherings for site reliability engineers. The forums are centered on complicated distributed systems’ resilience, reliability, and performance.

SREs, software architects, and developers should all attend.

DevOps Talk Conference

The dates are March 24–25, and the location is Melbourne, Australia.

It brings together DevOps leaders, engineers, and architects working in startups and businesses to deploy DevOps ideas and practices. Attendees are in charge of big and medium-sized enterprises’ difficult technical and cultural DevOps transitions.

DevOps leaders, engineers, and architects should attend.


Global Summit on PowerShell and DevOps

Dates: 25–28 April

Bellevue, Washington, United States of America

Microsoft’s PowerShell automation and configuration tool is the focus of this conference. Attendees will learn from PowerShell and DevOps specialists worldwide, including Microsoft’s PowerShell team members, who will share best practices.

Developers and Windows system administrators should attend.

London’s DevOpsCon

Date: April 26–29.

London, United Kingdom, and a virtual location

Re-Think IT hosts a series of conferences on continuous delivery, microservices, containers, cloud, and lean business. Developers, DevOps engineers, software architects, and managers should all attend.


DockerCon 2022

Date: May 10

Virtual Location

DockerCon is a free, online event that includes Docker product demos, breakout sessions, deep technical presentations from Docker and its partners, experts, Captains, industry luminaries, and more.

Developers, DevOps engineers, CxOs, and managers should attend.

QCon Plus

Dates: 10–20 May

Virtual Location

QCon Plus is a virtual meeting for senior software engineers and architects interested in learning about the latest trends, best practices, and solutions used by the world’s most innovative software companies.

Senior software engineers, architects, and team leads should attend.

22nd ChefConf

Dates: 16–18 May

Virtual Location

ChefConf is a DevOps conference focused on Chef, an open-source configuration management tool. According to the conference organizers, the seminars are designed by and for professionals.

Anyone interested in DevOps and continuous automation should come.

Europe’s KubeCon/CloudNativeCon

Dates: 16–20 May

Valencia, Spain is the location.

The Linux Foundation and the Cloud Native Computing Foundation have merged their conferences to form KubeCon and CloudNativeCon (CNCF). Leading contributors will speak about cloud-native applications, containers, microservices, and orchestration during the meeting.

Application developers, IT operations staff, technical managers, executives, product managers, product marketing pros, end-users, service providers, CNCF contributors, and anyone interested in learning more about cloud-native computing should attend.

GlueCon 2022

Date: May 18–19

Broomfield, Colorado, United States

GlueCon is a developer-oriented conference focusing on offering the latest in-depth technical information presented in a way that fosters community.

Architects, developers, mobile developers and architects, DevOps engineers, enterprise and startup executives, and team managers should all come.

2022 DevOps Pro Europe

Dates: 24–26 May (conference)

Vilnius, Lithuania, and a virtual location

This conference focuses on the fundamental principles and concepts of DevOps methodology. It shows how to develop, deploy, and maintain applications on-premises and in the cloud using the most common DevOps patterns.

Developers, hands-on IT experts, managers, consultants, and trainers should all attend.


Amsterdam 2022 GOTO

Dates: 12–15 June

Amsterdam, Netherlands, and a virtual location

Agile + DevOps East, a companion conference, will be held November 15–19 and entirely virtual.

Developers arrange the GOTO conferences. They are highly technical and concentrate on the most recent software engineering developments. Developers, software architects, project managers, system administrators, and DevOps engineers should attend.


Dates: 27–29 June

Portland, Oregon, United States of America

Monitorama events bring together the best minds in open-source development and operations. The organizers’ goal is to continue to test the limits of monitoring software while having a good time in a relaxed environment.

Developers and DevOps engineers, operations workers, performance testers, and site reliability engineers should all attend.


North American KubeCon + CloudNativeCon 2022

Dates: 24–28 October

Detroit, Michigan, United States of America

The Cloud Native Computing Foundation conference brings together renowned engineers from the open-source and cloud-native communities to enhance cloud-native computing education and advancement.

Application developers, IT operations experts, and anybody interested in learning more about cloud-native computing should attend.