12 Best Software Testing Conferences in 2022

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Have you decided which software testing conferences you’ll be attending this year? If not, this article is great to guide your selection. 

We have put together a compilation of the top 12 software testing and quality assurance conferences scheduled to hold in 2022. It includes on-site and online events across Europe and the United States. The conferences are organized by date, from earliest to latest, for your convenience. So, let’s take a look at the finest QA events in 2022.

  1. Automation Guild (February 7-11)

Location: Virtual Conference 

The Automation Guild is an online conference dedicated entirely to the practical features and challenges of automated testing. Its purpose is to provide QA engineers with useful insights, actionable recommendations, and experience-based advice on how to make functional and non-functional test automation more efficient.

Attending this conference also offers all attendees lifetime access to the Automation Guild Slack group, where software testing experts from across the world can network, share expertise, and assist one another 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

  1. QA Global Summit (February 15-16)

Location: Virtual Conference 

This year’s QA Global Summit will focus on automated testing with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), quality assurance with Agile and DevOps, and the current role of QA engineers. More than 30 speakers, two tracks, live Q&A sessions, and interactive workshops will be featured.

  1. QA or the Highway (February 22)

Conference Location: Columbus, Ohio 

Twenty-five presenters with extensive experience in software testing and a passion for it will share their knowledge and enthusiasm about quality assurance with attendees at this one-day cheap conference. Test automation, usability, and end-to-end testing will be covered, as well as the people skills required of QA engineers and techniques to improve teamwork.

  1. STAREAST (April 24-29)

Conference Location: Orlando, Florida 

STAREAST, one of the world’s oldest, most well-known, and popular software testing conferences, is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year. STAREAST 2022 intends to outdo itself with over 75 speeches, including 5 keynotes from prominent thought leaders, more than 40 sessions on popular software testing subjects, and more than 30 in-depth tutorials, all of which are highly acclaimed by conference attendees.

  1. Software Quality Days (May 17-19)

Conference Location: Vienna, Austria

This yearly conference is one of Europe’s largest gatherings of software quality and testing professionals. It aims to cover all aspects of quality assurance, including the most recent scientific results, business and industry trends and insights, and software testing specialists’ practical guidance and expertise.

Software Quality Days 2022 will feature talks and workshops on AI, machine learning, security, DevOps, embedded testing, and automation, with multiple tracks available.

  1. AgileTD Open Air (May 17-19)

Conference Location: Cologne, Germany

Days of Agile Testing Open Air is a well-known open-air agile testing convention. It’s known for its distinctive fun and participatory atmosphere, which makes learning and networking there more memorable.

This year’s conference includes two lecture tracks with three keynotes and 16 speeches, as well as eight workshops and a lot of hands-on learning. But, as is customary, there will be plenty of enjoyable activities such as yoga, morning runs, soccer, volleyball, and storytelling over the campfire.

  1. QA Expo (May 31–June 2)

Conference Location: Madrid, Spain.

Expo: QA is Spain’s largest software testing conference and one of Europe’s most important QA events. This year, it features more than 40 speeches from renowned quality assurance professionals organized into five tracks, as well as hands-on master courses and workshops.

Expo: QA 2022 aims to help software testing professionals become more well-rounded professionals by covering popular subjects related to both the technical parts of testing and the soft skills needed by QA engineers.

  1. Nordic Testing Days (June 1-3)

Conference Location: Tallinn, Estonia 

Nordic Testing Days is an annual conference for QA engineers, developers, and test managers in the Nordic region. This year, it will have a special emphasis on technical and hands-on QA subjects, including test automation frameworks, tools, and the development of technical skills. However, the conference will also include software testing leadership, coaching, and teamwork. The first day of the event will be entirely dedicated to tutorials, with seminars and workshops taking place on the other two days.

  1. Agile Testing Days USA (June 5-9)

Conference Location: Chicago, Illinois

Agile Testing Days USA is North America’s largest agile testing convention. The event in 2022 will include two instructional days and three days of talks and workshops, as well as a variety of fun social activities such as the Agile Morning Run, FunTestathon, games, and more.

The conference will cover a wide range of topics, including artificial intelligence and machine learning, testing tools, exploratory and security testing, QA engineers’ psychological health, teamwork, and the developer-tester connection, among others. It’s a terrific chance to advance as a quality assurance professional and network with peers while having a good time.

  1. EuroSTAR (June 7-10)

Conference Location: Copenhagen, Denmark. 

EuroSTAR, Europe’s largest and most prestigious software testing conference, will celebrate its 30th anniversary in 2022. As a result, this year’s participants can expect not just a lot of learning and networking but also a big party.

More than 60 sessions will be offered at EuroSTAR 2022, including keynotes from leading experts in software testing and development, practical tutorials, and engaging track talks. More than 1000 people are scheduled to attend the event. As a result, software quality experts will have a fantastic opportunity to network, learn from, and encourage one another.

  1. STARWEST (October 2-7)

Conference Location: California and also virtually 

STARWEST has established itself as one of the industry’s oldest, largest, and best software testing and quality assurance conferences. More than 100 seminars, sessions, and tutorials will be held this year, covering topics such as test automation, DevOps, security testing, QA leadership, and more.

Another attraction at STARWEST 2022 is the Disneyland Hotel, which is only a short walk from Disneyland.

  1. Agile Testing Days (November 21-24)

Conference Location: Potsdam, Germany

This is Europe’s largest conference on agile testing, which takes place every year in Germany. In 2022, test automation, machine learning, artificial intelligence, agile transformation, agile leadership, API testing, technology sustainability, and a slew of other issues will be discussed. Agile Testing Days will provide an excellent opportunity to learn, improve, and network with other agile professionals.


We hope this article helped you find a software testing conference in 2022 that you’d like to attend.