There Are Software Engineers on the Market

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Photo by Nubelson Fernandes on Unsplash

It’s a very common saying in the Tech world that there are few developers on the market. However, recent findings have shown that while some companies have several applicants for a tech job, other companies have nothing. Why then does this happen? Let’s take a quick look through company behaviors that water down the tech market.

  1. The ATS/hiring system issue

Certain companies have suffered damaging effects on their employer branding because they transformed their job posting into a ‘black hole’ candidate. This, however, has an advertent impact on both their present and future recruitment processes.

Things also become complicated when a candidate applies and never gets a response from the recruiters or even when a reply comes several months later. So, hiring chances become slim for tech companies that fail to respond to developers within two days.

You must know that developers find it so easy to get jobs, and to get them to switch careers, you’ve got to pump some motivation into them. If a developer is not motivated to change jobs, giving them the endless boxes of your Applicant tracking system is enough discouragement to pursue an opening in your company. Instead, use non-time consuming applications for tech talent.

  1. The grey area of tech job openings

It has been observed that many job openings put up in the Tech industry are for future needs, not for immediate need. Other companies merely put them up to get visibility in the industry. If any of these is your reason for putting up job openings, you should know that there are better ways to achieve your goals. Such could include using other channels such as tech events and workshops, live tech talks, and even events directed at the community. This way, you do not get to lose potential employees to other recruitment means such as referrals.

  1. Staying Relevant

To avoid being affected by the shortage of talents situation, take note of these.

Remote; For companies located at unattractive places and still hope to hire on-site developers, experience in remote on-boarding and management of small teams is needed.

Visa applicants; it is commonplace to find potential employees being rejected because they lack a working visa. However, the truth is that it is faster to go through the visa procedure than to hire a developer.

Salary; It’s impossible to find an experienced, cheap developer, and no developer will switch jobs for lesser pay.

Local language; This has been a barrier to the employment of developers by some companies. Try to revisit this matter to grow your company.

  1. Failing in Professionalism

This is an often neglected aspect, and it dwells on the use of unskilled recruiters. There is a failure to hire tech talents and train them appropriately just because the recruiters are inexperienced.

In conclusion, learn how to dig deep into the cause of a problem to proffer a lasting solution that your company benefits greatly from.