How to Successfully Hire Remote Talent

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Remote working is something that companies should apply in their everyday work. Hiring remote workers provides a lot of advantages for your company.

The Coronavirus changed the views of the companies and opened their horizons. Before the virus, research showed that only 18% of the total workforce were working remotely and now the percentage is rising.

Remote workers and more productive

Productivity is the main reason why companies could try hiring remote workers. One of the professors at Stanford proved that workers from home are more productive than the ones that are working in the office by conducting a test for their work performance.

With remote working people can work in their homes, from their favorite coffee shop, and other places that they feel comfortable. Another great thing is that you can spend more time with your family.

There are also advantages for the companies too. They can save money on office place and use that money to increase the salaries or employee more and better candidates. In other words, there is more flexibility for both sides.

You have access to the best talents in the world

With the remote working options, there are no limits on where to look for top candidates. You can choose candidates from all over the world.

Recruiting remote workers as part of your talent acquisition strategy

The recruitment process is a little bit different. Usually, the interviews are with a video call. This is a perfect way to tell the candidate more about the company vision and the perks if the candidate decides to join.

Don’t forget about company culture

If your company is working remotely it doesn’t mean you should forget about the company culture. Keep a close eye on the employees and speak with your employees about every company’s plans and initiatives in order to build a great relationship with them.

What makes a great remote worker?

Considerations for hiring remote workers

There are six factors you should consider before hiring remote workers.

  1. Good communicator – Remote workers must have excellent communication skills and always be on time for the video online meetings using some of the helping tools like Zoom, Slack, and Teams
  2. Productive – Although the company is working the job must be done. Always look for candidates you can trust and are motivated to finish the tasks.
  3. Motivated – Set goals for your employees in order to motivate them
  4. Flexible – Find candidates that are flexible to changes
  5. Well-organized – The employees need to use an app or a company system where they can upload their work and reports
  6. Results-oriented – Look for candidates that will add value to the company

 To summarize: Hiring remote workers is a full company effort

The recruiters and the companies have a hard time finding the best remote workers because this is not an easy task. To hire a remote worker means to have a plan and a strategy for how can the employees will fit in in your company.

Just as you plan about opening a new office or developing a new product, you need to plan to help these remote talents develop and communicate with the other colleagues, so that everyone feels like a part of the team.