Information Technology Salaries in France in 2021

Photo by Chris Karidis on Unsplash

Most individuals working as Information Technology specialists get salaries ranging between £26000 and £81000 on average. The most significant determining factor for the amount is the career type—this distribution cuts across line systems engineers to ABAP developers to Android developers. The average salary amount for IT specialists in France is about £47000. IT jobs are differentiated in terms of salaries depending on three major factors:


It is universal to say, the extent of the period of working in a given field, the higher the pay gets. This is a common truth in France, especially in the IT field where the specialists with around five years of continuously working earn about 30% more than beginners. At ten years of experience, a salary increase of about 20% is realized, and a 14% increment for employees surpassing fifteen years’ experience. Such an increasing trend of salary increment considering the experience is as significant while pursuing one specified job in a couple of years.

Education level

As the personal earnings shift based on the career field, the level of education is also a significant determinant in defining monthly pay. Employees having diploma and certificate levels earn around 16% higher than their colleagues at the lower level. In comparison, bachelor’s degree owners get way more than 20% of the certificate and diploma level salary. Ph.D. holders as well earn considerably higher than the other employees with lower specifics in education.

Gender specifics

Despite gender parity forces driving towards, among various conditions, equal pay, this has considerably not been achieved. Male workers in France receive on average £2700 more than female colleagues.

Salary upswing

There is a general 9% salary increment across all professions in 15 months. IT job-related careers receive an estimated 10% upswing in salary after more than 12 months. The average per-year salary upswing for IT-related jobs in 2020 was 6%, making it the second industry field increment after healthcare.


Bonus and incentives are determined by a person’s direct contribution towards realizing the set revenue goal. There are various types of prizes awarded in consideration to company and individual performance, achievement of goals, and at the end of a year. Information technology does not majorly contribute directly to revenue income, making it a temperate field when it comes to such benefits. Only an approximated 51% of workers in the IT field receive one type of benefit with rates ranging above 3% and below 5%.

The senior-level employees and the executive members receive benefits at higher rates than other staff in the field.

Comparing IT salary

The levels can be compared with all other jobs across the country or based on governmental versus privatized sector or even based on different cities in the nation. 

Across the country, among other professionals, the IT personal income on average differs by 300 EUR only, which translates to a percentage rounding to zero. 

Considering different cities, such pays differ too. For instance, in Marseille, the average net salary is around £53700 while in Lille, about £45600.

Working for the government has way more income than the private sector when it comes to IT. The mean net income per person is around £50,700, while in the private sector, it stands at £48,200.