Top IT jobs in 2021

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Hiring managers and job seekers must possess proper knowledge of the market demand. They should understand the top jobs and job requirements. Both hiring managers and job seekers should embrace the modern hiring techniques; otherwise, all hiring activities will be disabled since the emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic. The mode of operation in every sector has been shifted to digital.

While companies are changing to home-based offices or work at home, companies have heavily invested in cybersecurity and cloud computing.

Availability of IT jobs

Unlike other sectors, IT has not suffered a lot due to Covid-19 because it is easy to shift the activities to remote. The pandemic increased the possible jobs for the IT sector because more data analysts and programmers were needed. According to dice, data analytics and programming jobs saw an anonymous increase in 2020.

Hot careers in 2021

Artificial intelligence specialists

AI has been ranked among the top 15 leading jobs on LinkedIn with a 74% growth rate. According to LinkedIn, artificial intelligence and machine learning have played a critical role in innovation and information technology development. LinkedIn adds that AI will continue leading in the job market.

According to Nisha Krishan, artificial intelligence jobs will gain traction shortly. Ryohei Fujimaki denotes that businesses and organizations should adopt artificial intelligence practices to increase their financial return.

Businesses and organizations will be forced to optimize their workflows, thus fostering AI jobs. They will require AI professionals to build their programs.

Software developers and managers

As companies are striving to win or maintain a competitive advantage, they invest heavily in software development by hiring all programmers. According to Dice, 2020 was a good year for programmers and developers as more jobs were created due to work from home. Michelle Marian denotes that the trend will continue as long as the pandemic will strike more and companies will invest in technology-based jobs.

Database manager Spencer Kimball says that the availability of new generation developers will improve innovation in the technology industry. He further denotes that organizations that will benefit more from the technology department are the ones that will foster developers’ engagement and empowerment to use available tools to generate new products and services.

Business-focused data scientists

In a report released by Robert Half, nearly all companies have realized the importance of data analytics and programmers, and they are on the run to recruit more in their teams. The availability of big data which needs to be analyzed has also fueled the need to hire more data scientists.

However, as businesses strive to hire scientific personnel, there is also the need to consider the business logic. The challenge comes when selecting the best candidate who possesses all the skills required.

Data engineers

Organizations thought hiring software engineers and data analysts was enough, but this was not the case. They still need the services of data engineers. Data engineers will collect data, analyze and present it to management and owners.

Data engineering job was ranked number eight by LinkedIn in 2015 with a 35% growth rate. Since data engineers are rare to get, stiff competition has been witnessed in the job market.


To sum up, the top IT jobs described in this paper attract different wages, so professionals need to invest in further education to win the top job with a better paycheck.