How to Overcome Recruitment Challenges

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The demand for qualified tech applicants is increasing at a higher rate in the IT field. The challenge has been due to few qualified candidates to meet up with the growing competition. Inadequate soft talents have as well made it more difficult to fill up vacant posts.

Degree elimination

Companies are focusing on the internal training of workers, neglecting the traditional conditions of a must degree requirement to qualify for an IT position. It is opening up the field to many possible applicants and increasing the chances of getting candidates who can be useful for different roles in the company.

Traditional developers

You can hire developers who reflect themselves as self-taught and are currently working as IT experts without having attended any IT college programs.

 Wide search

Most traditional sites for candidates’ search and job posts are being neglected by entrants with most opting to search jobs online.  Large pools of candidates are active in virtual websites, social media, and other online platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook.

2. Unique employer

With the increasing competition for tech candidates, IT companies are finding it hard to fill the vacant posts in their departments. Applicants are now taking time to judge the type of company to join and one that suits them best.

Job flexibility

A company with flexible working hours and conditions will always attract applicants. Candidates are now heavily considering working flexibility as a deal-breaker in deciding on the company to join

 High salaries

Although it may be challenging, offering a better salary than your competitors can work a great deal for you in landing the best candidate. Money always attracts candidates,  and if your company is strong enough, landing a qualified candidate would not be a problem.

3. Signing manager and recruiter teamwork

A good collaboration between the hiring manager and recruiters will always produce good results. Their collaboration will ensure the recruiter has sufficient information on the recruitment process which will aid in finding a fit applicant.

 Clear guidelines

Candidates look for keywords that might boost them or eliminate them from a job candidacy. It is important to highlight the “MUST” and “LIKE” in job descriptions to give candidates clear guidelines of what is required of them.

4.  Constricted periods

Timely posting of jobs is very essential for tech companies. With the increasing competition for qualified candidates, any lateness in the market will cause a miss for the right candidate.

Time frame

Tech organizations need to place a time frame for a job. Upon viewing the job post, candidates will not waste time searching for other companies, so as not to miss out on the opportunity at hand.

In conclusion, gone are the days when recruiters could sit comfortably with folded arms and waiting for candidates to come begging for jobs. The world has changed and candidates are now having an upper hand in selecting what company to work for. With this in mind and the crazy competition for qualified candidates, recruiters and hiring managers are now tasked with upping their recruiting game.