Working in Germany as a Software Engineer

Image by Kai Vogel from Pixabay

There is a shortage of IT specialists in Germany and worldwide, and tech companies are looking for professionals from abroad. Germany is so much in need of tech experts, and there are also multinational tech companies looking for employees. Various reasons make you want to work in Germany as a software developer or engineer. For IT specialists who dream of working abroad for multinational companies, Germany is the best choice. What makes Germany the best choice for software engineers? Read below to understand.

Tech hubs in Germany

A software engineer can work all over Germany; however, specific places are highlighted for tech experts. For tech experts, below are some of the main areas to work;

Silicon Alley in Berlin

Silicon alley campus is located in Berlin, and it is a hotspot for tech expert startups. High-tech experts are encouraged to further their skills and become the code development for startups and developing companies. There are so many tech companies in Berlin, including big companies like Facebook, Airbnb, and many other startups.


Munich is also another great hub for tech experts, and the berlin campus highly supports it. Super tech companies like Microsoft, Google, IBM are hosted in Munich. Munich is not a host for these companies, but also it is the home for multinational companies like BMW and Allianz. Munich is the best choice for any software engineer looking forward to pursuing an IT engineering career.


Stuttgart Is the home for auto mechanical engineering being the home for supercar brands Daimler and Porsche. Stuttgart is the best choice for a software engineer specializing in coding in luxurious car brands to help in the invention of the next level cars.


Hamburg has the best tech companies offering internships for IT engineers being the host for tech companies like Twitter, Dropbox, and Microsoft. Hamburg is also a tech hub having a reputation from companies like google office, Facebook, and Airbnb.

What benefits are there for employees working in Germany?

Working in Germany can be very beneficial to either a resident on a nonresident. If you start working as a software engineer in Germany, you automatically contribute to social security. It ensures employees’ safety, and they are things like unemployment benefits, pensions, and health insurance. Everyone is entitled to these benefits if they meet the set criteria of having paid for at least 12 months in the past two years.

Germany is considered the gateway to Europe, and they’re so many expert communities in Germany. With Berlin and Munich being the home and host of the multinational company, the other organizations are close to local groups in other countries. Tech expert working in Germany there are most likely to be part of this tech expert.

In conclusion, Germany has local IT experts in their country, and it has not reported any shortage. However, for tech experts who are willing to work abroad, Germany can be one of the best choices. Germany offers its employees a safe environment to work in, and they are also paid enough salaries.