5 Best IT Conferences in March 2021

Photo by Product School on Unsplash

Every year thousands of IT and tech conferences are held all over the world to get together professionals and offer insights into the latest trends and technologies. These conferences provide unique opportunities for networking and valuable resources that can help you advance in your career. 

Even though the coronavirus pandemic made these types of events more difficult to conduct, there are still plenty to choose from. Here are the most interesting and valuable IT conferences that take place in March 2021. 

Microsoft MVP Global Summit 

This year Microsoft MVP Global Summit will be 100% online and will start on March 29th. Even though a virtual experience, the conference is not to miss for every active MVPs and Regional Director. It will feature plenty of in-depth technical discussions and sessions. 

From March 29th to March 31st (Monday to Wednesday), Product Groups will host technical sessions, and on April 1st members of Product Group will host a half-day with additional sessions where you can network and converse with Microsoft PGs. 

The following week – April 7-8th, the RD Summit will take place.
Every participating MVP and RD must sign a Non-Discloser Agreement to participate in the event. 

SHARE Virtual Summit

Share Virtual Summit is taking place in March 2021 and will be held online. This event was created by volunteers to help IT professionals to enhance skills, expand knowledge, and be more effective in their organizations. 

The three main principles of SHARE are Educate, Network, Influence, and the conference follow these to provide great value and resources. Attendees have the opportunity to understand how enterprise technology can advance through networking events and interactive meetups, as well as sessions and keynotes. 

The event will be one week long and will feature sessions on topics such as MVS, DevOps, CICS, Open Source on Z, Zowe, and more. Depending on your membership, the cost for participating in the conference is free to $399. 

International Conference on Software and Engineering

March 04-05, 2021 in Barcelona, Spain

This conference will be held on March 4-5th in beautiful Barcelona and will bring together leading researchers and academic scientists to share their experiences and exchange knowledge on all aspects of software and engineering. 

International Conference on Software and Engineering is a unique opportunity for practitioners, researchers, and educators to present the most innovative trends and discuss any challenges they have encountered and found solutions to. 

ESRI Developer Summit 

This developer summit will take place online from March 9-11th and will present insights on how to develop cutting-edge applications through advanced mapping technology. You can expect hundreds of hours of useful resources with sessions and technical workshops. 

A great way to get the latest updates on technology and learn best practices in development. 

MIT Technology Review Presents: EmTech Digital 2021

Date: March 23-25, 2021
Location: Online
Cost: $800-$1,200

This annual event cover everything AI and this year is focused on the age of implementation. EmTech Digital 2021 is happening online from March 23-25th, and you do not want to miss it if you are interested in doing artificial intelligence right. 

Experts, executives. and industry leaders will go through the advancement in Ai from last year and discuss some of the current issues in terms of AI ethics, adoption, and trust. The cost for participating in the event is $800-$1,200.