Top Web Development Conferences in February

Photo by Hello I'm Nik 🎞 on Unsplash

2020 was a flop, so 2021 has got to be better!

Let’s start this year off right. Knowledge is power so, creating your knowledge base with Web Development. The best way to achieve that is with conferences to get ahead and to network.

Conferences are going to gain your personal and professional life around like-minded individuals. This conference list will be circulated around the world, and if you are not there you will be left behind in the game of Web Development.

Wonderful news though, many of these are virtual so no Covid-19 to ruin the beginning half of your year. Plus, you will have the best seat in the house!

February 2021

Node Congress

Platform: Online

When: February 18-19th

What: An online live platform for two days of inspirational speakers

Who: Over 10,000 Web Developers from all over the world

What you bring away with you: There will be more than 20 speakers sharing the most up to date insights. There will be networking activities, interactive entertainment, as well as challenges for everyone. Workshops will be available in performance, testing, and security plus more. The conference will open at 10:00 am EST and speakers will include a question-and-answer information session.

Developer Week 2021

Platform: Virtual

When: February 17-19th

What: Virtual conference including conference and workshops, spanning three days.

Who: Over 8,000 developers in the largest Conference and Expo Series

What you can bring away: The 17th will start with workshops and lead into the 18th and 19th conference. There will be networking and product introduction on the first day of the conference. There will be over 250 keynote speakers plus challenge winners and a networking lounge to close. New technology will be introduced to put the attendee’s knowledge base with tips and tricks.

 Java Script World Conference by Front End Love

Platform: Virtual

When: February 22nd – 26th 2021

What: An online platform that has free access over the course of five days

Who: Over 50,000 Java enthusiasts internationally.

What you can bring away: There will be 20 topics of discussion and including over 53 speakers. Over 100 talks during the five days. Day 1 will start Designops, Day 2 will be Full-stack, Day 3 will be Devops, Day 4 will be JavaScript, and finally day 5 will be Vue.JS. This will connect global JavaScript leaders from around the globe, all with free access.

 These three February IT conferences will provide the leading edge of technology while introducing the newest technology available. Since all three are available virtual the potential is there to attend some portions of all three.

This will allow the biggest networking options for the attendees, plus workshops and question-and-answer platforms. A total of 10 days of networks, workshops, and innovation.

JavaScript conference offers chat access to talk directly to the leaders and speakers. During Developers Week will include tips and tricks from the new technology. Lastly, Node Congress will have workshops in multiple areas including security, performance, and testing.

Do not miss out on these conferences! The advancement alone will benefit the attendee.