The Highest Paying UK IT Jobs for 2020

Image by E. Dichtl from Pixabay

The technology sector is always rising, with time, more and more news jobs are available in the IT sector. These jobs range from entry to expert-level. There are jobs for people with all kinds of skillsets.

Here are the highest paying IT jobs for the year 2020 to keep an eye on.

Big Data:

The highest paying jobs in the sector of big data include data architects that earn around £78,500 annually, Big data architects making up to £82,500, and finally Big data managers that make around £85,000 annually. So if you are a data guy, these are the jobs you want to look for.

Data Science:

If you are confident in your knowledge of statistics and can interpret complex data from various sources, and your communication and programming skills back you. Then the jobs of data scientists, data engineers, and data architects are for you. They earn up to £62,500, £70,000 and £78,000 respectively.

IT Manager:

If you are interested in being an IT manager, then the following job roles are the best options to look for. Sharpen your management of new system and developments and apply for jobs such an IT governance manager, Senior Audit It manager, IT risk manager, and IT program manager. All these jobs help you earn up to £80,000.

Software Development:

If you can develop software, you can work in any industry. If you think you can take roles of a website and software designer, then these highest paying jobs are for you:

A software engineer earns up to £55,000 while software development managers earn up to £70,000.

Project Management:

Project managers are in high demand in all industries. If you are the person who can manage the project from the start till the end, then you are eligible for the highest paying job, such as Senior project management role and project management director roles. You will be earning £65,000 and £72,000 respectively.


If you have a command over the growingly popular programming language, then you can go for high paying roles such as developer, engineer, architect, and more. You can be a python engineer and earn up to £75,000 or take the position as a python team lead and earn up to £65,500 per annum.


If you are interested in the field of improving, testing, and building the process of software delivery, then do not forget to look for the jobs as DevOps engineer or DevOps architect that earns £67,000 and 82,500 respectively.

Amazon Web Services:

Finally, in the sector of public cloud services, you may opt for a high paying job by applying for the roles such as Infrastructure architect (£72,000), AWS solution architect (£80,000) or AWS expert (£82,000).

So, what are you waiting for? Polish your skills and apply for the job that best suits your skillsets.