What IT Jobs Should You Be Looking Out For in the Future?

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

You know that you see your future career in IT, it’s your passion. At the same time as making your hobby your career, it is difficult to know which digital path to take. Here we have ten IT jobs that are in great demand, offer the highest salaries, and provide opportunities for career development.

To put together the list of the top ten computer jobs for the future, we used the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, Indeed.com, and expert opinions on the recent IT hiring trends. We are looking at a 10-year growth period between 2018 and 2028.

The Top 10 Computer Jobs for the Future:

  1. Mobile App Developer

Communication, whether that is business or personal is highly dependent on our smartphones and tablets. These devices today help us to manage our lives from paying bills to working, watching TV, and checking the weather. The demand for innovative mobile apps is growing at a fast pace, as is the demand for mobile app developers, with the largest IT skills gap we have ever seen.

You can expect a 26% growth rate with approximately 241,500 new jobs.

  1. Software Engineer

Needless to say, as our demand for sophisticated digital solutions increases, so will the need for engineers who can deliver solutions. We will be looking for engineers who can create secure and saleable cloud platforms as well as high-speed smart devices.

There will be a 21% growth in this job and 284,100 new jobs.

  1. Video Game Designer

The gaming industry has tripled over the last 10 years, now worth $140 billion. Our mobile devices are now capable of incredible graphics and processing power which has opened the door to not only video game designers but also artists and programmers. As we begin to see AR and VR technologies emerging, the opportunities in this field will continue to grow.

The growth rate is at 26% with around 241,500 new jobs being created.

  1. IT Security Specialist

IT security is a major concern for businesses, particularly as we continue to see sophisticated hacks of even some of the biggest tech companies. IT security specialists are very much needed in a wide range of fields from IT operations security, mobile device security, risk management, information assurance, network security, and cloud security. IT experts with both skill and experience are hard to find.

The growth rate is 32%, far higher than average with 35,000 new jobs.

  1. Computer Systems Analyst

For the architecture of new systems, this job will be required for those organizations with an increasing dependence on computer systems. The healthcare system is one example where systems analysts will be in high demand as we look forward to electronic medical records and electronic prescriptions, which will need IT experts to develop custom computer systems.

It is predicted that there will be a 9% growth rate with 56,000 job openings.

  1. Web Developer

The more we use the internet to find our products and services, the more we will need web developers. Social Networks and e-Commerce are driving the need for highly responsive and engaging websites focused on UI and UX. Websites must also be adaptable for a wider range of devices.

The web developer position comes with a 13% potential job growth and 20,900 new jobs.

  1. Health Information Technician

There is no doubt that the COVID-19 global crisis will encourage governments to heavily invest in Heath Information, converting as much of the healthcare system to digital and/or automated as possible. This job is still in the process of maturing and although the salary is lower than other IT jobs, it only requires a two-year degree program.

There will be an 11% growth rate and 23,100 new jobs by 2028.

  1. Technology Manager

As the number of IT employees continues to increase, there will be a greater need for managers. Certain areas such as mobile development, cybersecurity, and cloud platform services are seeing much higher than average growth and this will require more IT technology managers.

We should see a growth rate of 11% and 46,800 new jobs.

  1. Database Administrator

The amount of data that companies are collecting and storing is now beyond imaginable. There is no sense in gathering data unless it can be organized, analyzed, and stored correctly. As more companies switch to cloud-based platforms, not only do they need qualified database administrators, but also cybersecurity experience, so people with both skill sets will be in high demand.

The 9% growth rate in this job is still higher than average and we are likely to see 10,500 new jobs.

  1. Network Administrator

It’s only logical that as more business is being carried out via the Internet (whether that’s cloud-based platforms or video conferencing technologies), we are going to need a network that can handle the traffic and the speed that businesses require. This will lead to a higher demand for network administrators and network managers.

This job will see a 5% growth, which is the average. There will be 18,200 new positions created.