How US Companies Can Fill the Open Tech Jobs

Image by RAEng_Publications from Pixabay

 It’s a logical conclusion that as our technology advances, so will the demand for new IT skills. Companies will look for skills that meet the needs of the times. According to job postings on LinkedIn, the most sought-after IT skills in 2019 were cloud computing, AI, and analytical reasoning.

With over 700,000 IT job vacancies across the US, it’s going to be a challenge to find qualified, skilled workers to fill these roles. In fact, studies show that 87% of IT executives feel that it is difficult to fill roles with skilled IT technicians today.

While challenging, it’s not impossible, especially if you look into the following 4 ways you and your team can find potential IT talent. At the same time, you will be able to reduce the workload and prepare your team for what IT challenges will be coming our way.

4 Ways to Help Companies Fill Tech Vacancies

  1. Take advantage of machine learning and automation

The main way forward for most companies is cloud-based solutions and these systems need maintenance. A lot of the effort we put into cloud systems require the same process repeated time and time again. This is generally a mundane task, particularly for IT specialists who thrive on challenges. It is estimated that 38% of our manual tasks could be automated. When using machine learning tools for the monotonous tasks will allow your IT team to focus on the design and development of new systems.

  1. Start IT education younger

There are plenty of schools that are now placing more emphasis on IT education and programs. These students are going to be the future workforce, so it is crucial that companies support such schools and programs. Cloud skills are and will continue to be a top priority with spending to hit $210 billion. The University of Maryland, University College has recently begun a master’s degree in Cloud Computing Architecture. Companies can start the recruitment process in schools offering scholarship programs. There is also a great organization called Girls In Tech, which focuses on improving the IT skills of career-age women.

  1. Use niche job boards when looking for talent

Job boards such as Unicorn have definitely a vital role in the ecosystem of hiring. Recruiters have long complained of being bombarded with unqualified applications that must be sifted through before reaching top talent, The entire process was both time consuming and expensive. As a result, the Unicorn job platform has adopted a more efficient and strategic approach. Unicorn allows companies to apply directly to candidates so you don’t waste time on the tedious recruitment process

  1. Reduce staff turnover and upskill current team members

Finding new talent is not only difficult, but it is also costly. Looking after your current employees will lower the chances of staff leaving and it will also help your recruitment by bringing in referrals. While salary is important, it’s not the only thing that tech experts look for. Tech employees should receive constant opportunities for personal development including education, challenges, and responsibilities. Investment in training will never go to waste as it not only increases the skills of your employees but also the level of job satisfaction.

In Conclusion

Today’s modern workforce is changing and in order for companies to remain successful and hire specialized IT professionals, they will have to learn how to change with the times. It may sometimes feel like an uphill battle to keep finding the required skill when technology changes so quickly but this shouldn’t be seen as a bad thing. By being flexible, taking care of your employees, and appreciating what technology can do for your company, you will be able to fill the IT vacancies.