Top 10 Most Demanded Tech Jobs in 2020

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

As all services are turning digital, businesses and organizations must update their systems to make them more technology prone. However, as everything is turning tech, there is not enough labour force to meet all the job offers. Thus, businesses must become competitive and creative to attract the best talent available.

And this competition should include salaries, corporate culture, and other benefits for workers to develop their skills and grow in their career. Some of the most demanded professionals vary from security and information systems professionals to data analysts. We have prepared a list of the ten most-wanted jobs in the tech industry.

Topping the list are AI architects. More businesses are turning into artificial intelligence solutions for the services they offer, so they can make them more user friendly. Professionals with some experience in data analytics who holds a Master’s degree in computer science or artificial intelligence are good for the job. They should also have understanding and knowledge in machine learning, language processing skills, AI application programming and integration, but also strategic thinking and management skills.

Other highly demanded professionals are business intelligence analysts. Businesses are demanding these professionals more as they are trying to make sense of their acquired data. The job description requires a Bachelor’s in computer science or information systems, and the candidate should have understanding and experience with database technology, data analytics and online analytical processing, as well as good writing skills to write easy-to-comprehend reports.

Cloud architects are also highly demanded by businesses as they are responsible for the management and development of cloud computing applications. Some of the skills include knowing cloud technologies and principles of their architecture, understanding the costs and performances of these systems, programming, and security skills. The candidates should also possess experience in governance, automation, and ITSM.

Data specialists are highly demanded as businesses are looking to make sense of the data they possess. Data analysts, engineers and scientists should be able to mine, collect, analyze, and interpret the data. Some other skills include finding trends, knowledgeable in different databases, identifying new data sources, and programming. Businesses are looking for candidates with programming experience or other data integration projects, and a degree in computer or data science.

Developers will always be needed, be it website, software, or mobile builders. They are responsible for designing, building, installing and maintaining websites and software systems. Skills required include coding and knowledge in various languages such as Java, HTML, C++, among many, and also programming applications, and improving existing systems. A computer science degree should do, but bootcamp training, certifications and working experience are also necessary.

DevOps engineers are also in demand by businesses as their code deployment brings in higher efficiency by making fewer errors. These professionals manage the information systems infrastructure, deal with software testing and their performance. Some skills also include scripting, data management, information systems operations, and knowledge about the latest technological trends.

Help desk and desktop support professionals are also crucial and sought for as they are the first to respond to the issues the customers might be facing and solve them. These professionals should possess technical and soft skills, as they must deal with customer and technical support. Professionals in the field should have some sort of training, certification, and experience when they start, and as the career advances, they need to have a university degree.

Other demanded professionals from the tech industry are the network and cloud administrators. These guys are responsible for handling the local area networks (LANs) but also WANs, and they also deal with hardware and software. Other skills include troubleshooting, analytics and diagnostics, network services and applications. Certifications and experience are necessary for this position as they deal with fixing system failures.

Security professionals are also in high demand, as their main responsibility is to protect a company’s data from potential threats. These professionals deal with building and maintaining secure systems, networks, and clouds. Other skills include keeping up with updated technology, investigating vulnerabilities and solving them, as well as implementing security policies. They must have degrees in information systems and experience in the field, certifications are a plus.

System administrators are also crucial in keeping the system running. They should be able to detect issues and solve them, know the company’s software and hardware as the back of their hands, have experience with servers, backups, software installations and updating, information systems, and be able to fix networking issues, among many other skills. They should hold a degree in computer science or information systems, technical trainings and certifications proving their skills.