React Summit Amsterdam 2020

Image by lanky768 from Pixabay

Absolutely everything React is happening in Amsterdam between the 15th and the 18th of April 2020. The React Summit is the biggest React event in the entire world and covers everything for front end and full-stack engineers. This year will be bigger and better with a focus on two tracks (general and React Native), more than 25 speakers and 1,500 React developers traveling to Amsterdam from all over the world.

What’s more, is that this summit doesn’t just focus on sharing and listening to the insights of those in the know, these four days combine the main conference with workshops, meet-ups, parties and mini-conferences, and tours.

Who Will Be Speaking

The line up includes speakers from a number of countries from the UK to the USA. Their experience is equally vast. Here are just a few of the first speakers that you will be able to hear from:

  • Kent C. Dodds- the creator of com, instructor on egghead.i.o and Frontend Masters, Google developer expert and a world-renowned speaker and teacher.
  • Sara Vieira- a developer at CodeSandbox in Germany and loves GraphQL and Open Source. Sara is also an expert in Airport.
  • Kitze- the founder of React Academy in Poland, teaching React and GraphQL. You can follow his work on YouTube.
  • Pariss Athena- a front end developer for G2i in the USA. She is also part of the hiring team and knows just what to look for in Real and React Native engineers.

Some of the talks you can listen to will be based on code-splitting, D3 and React, and Theme UI.

React Summit Awards

The Open Source Awards is a way of celebrating all the achievements and bring to light some of the most amazing projects of the last 12 months. The categories include Breakthrough of the Year, Fun Side Project of the Year, Most Impactful Contribution of the Year, Productivity Booster, and The Most Exciting Use of Technology. There will plenty more awards to be handed out and therefore an amazing event for a recognition of hard work.


The 15th and 16th of April are dedicated to hands-on workshops. The door opens at 8.30 so that attendees are ready to start at 9 am, the workshops will finish at 5 pm. These workshops have been developed with beginners and pros in mind.

You will be able to learn about things such as:

  • Using React Hooks
  • New React DevTools
  • Render Props
  • Test components
  • Test-driven development
  • Design systems
  • E-commerce sites with Gatsby
  • And plenty more

React Summit Sponsors

Thanks to a great number of companies, the React Summit has been able to expand and offer so much more. React GraphQL Academy, Digital Agency Network, React Norway, React New York, and Focus Reactive are a few of the sponsors. It is also thanks to the sponsors that the React Summit Amsterdam 2020 is able to offer self-funded tickets for diversity tickets.

So, if you are keen to immerse yourself in four days of networking with the best React experts in the world, the React Summit is for you.