QCon London 2020

Image by E. Dichtl from Pixabay

InfoQ has been working with all its effort for the last ten years in order to prepare this International Software Development Conference. Senior software engineers and architects are able to gain a deeper understanding of the forefront of technological development. Attendees can enjoy all of the latest trends, practices and use cases of today’s software.

QCon London is divided into two parts. From the 2nd – 4th of March, software engineers and architects can attend the conference. The following two days are dedicated to workshops.

Topics at the QCon London

Trends have been categorised into three groups so that you can easily focus their attention on the best practices to take home to their team. Below, you can find an outline of the topics that will be covered in each category:

  • Innovators- Blockchain, Cloud Dataflow, Deep Learning, Unikernels, Spectre/Meltdown Counter Measure/ LinuxKit
  • Early Adopters- Low Latency/High-Performance Computing, Data Engineering, Lambda/Serverless, Pen Testing, Chaos Engineering, Engineering Culture
  • Early Majority- Event-Driven Architecture, DevOps, Microservice Architectures, Reactive, Immutable Infrastructure, Observability/Telemetry, Building High Performance

Let’s take a closer look at what you can expect from each day of QCon London:

Day 1- The conference starts off with introductions and the keynote dedicated to the IoT. Throughout the morning there will be discussions on Modern C5 in the Real World, Javascript, Big Data and how to produce Node.js Serverless Apps without issues.

Day 2- The morning starts with technical Leadership through the Underground Railroad. The day continues with Machine Learning, Linux Kernel, How you can make your teams perform better, and Speeding Up ML.

Day 3 – The conference opens with the Interoperability of Open-Source Tools: The Emergence of Interfaces. A crucial track will be Scaling Security from Device to Cloud. Other interesting talks will be Growing Unicorns in the EU, Remote Working, and Modern Banking in 1500 Microservices.

Day 4- The first day of the workshops sees 6 topics, but be aware that one has already sold out. You will be able to gain hands-on experience in Terraform, Remote Meetings, Docker, and Apache Kafka and ksqIDB.

Day 5- The final day wraps up with 4 workshops; Web services in Go, Service Mesh Kick, Tech Lead Skills and Kubernets.

New to this year’s QCon London

We all know how important AI and Machine Learning has become. This year InfoQ has a special 2-day Learning Path that will focus on teaching about the essential tools, practices, and techniques that developers will need. On the 5th and 6th of March, the Learning Paths will allow all those in the field of software to take part and enjoy valuable practical assessments.

Speakers at QCon London 2020

No tech conference would be the same without hearing from some of the best in the Industry. The line-up is just as impressive this year with more than 156 speakers. To give you an idea of those you will hear from:

  • Patrick Kua- Tech Leader, former CTO/Chief Scientist
  • Sam Newman- Microservice, CLoud, CI, CD Expert
  • Blanca Garcia Gil- Principal Engineer on data platform at the BBC
  • Alasdair Allan- Scientist, Maker, Hacker
  • Jessica DeVita- Senior Resilience Engineering Advocate at Netflix