SaaStr EUROPA 2020

Image by David Mark from Pixabay

The goal of SaaStr is simple- to reduce your stress, to increase your success and help your business achieve annual recurring revenue of $100 million. How do they do this? By bringing together the world’s largest community of SaaS executives, founders, and entrepreneurs.

SaaStr in returning to Paris from the 17th to the 18th of June. The event is dedicated to actionable content and the best SaaS practices in a community that encourages sharing and growth. This two-day event is expected to have more than 3000 attendees. You can benefit from 30 hours of practical content from 500 mentors.

Why should you attend SaaStr?

Many who have attended in the past have stated that the event provides a lifetime of knowledge. You get to be a part of the world of business software with an exciting learning atmosphere. Here are some of the top reasons to attend this year:

  • There are over 30 hours of content on topics such as building a pipeline with no brand, scaling apps, and when to build.
  • In just 2 days you will be able to learn from 500 mentors with more than 60 speakers
  • You can meet SaaS founders who have achieved $100m ARR, private equity firms, SaaS enthusiasts and executives.
  • There is a huge opportunity for networking with 46% of attendees being founders and 26% investors.
  • The Annual Startup Pitch Competition provides the chance for you to walk away with $50K in funding.

SaaStr 2020 Speakers

The 2019 event had a diverse range of speakers from a number of industries. The submissions to apply to be a speaker at the 2020 conference are now open.  The organizers are looking for solo sessions, panels, and deep-dives on topics such as fundraising, sales and marketing, customer experience, and product and engineering.

SaaStr For Companies

If you feel you are ready to launch your product or service into the market, or you want more visibility, now is the time to become a SaaStr sponsor. You can choose between:

  • Startup Sponsors
  • Gold Sponsors
  • Platinum Sponsors
  • Diamond Sponsors

The chief sales officer at BREX stated that the 2019 SaaStr was the highest Return on Investment event.

Equality, Inclusion and Balance Program

It’s a well-known fact that the IT industry is still lacking diversity. SaaStr is working hard to make sure all races, ethnicities, genders, abilities, and military personal are included, regardless of ages, religion, disabilities, or sexual orientation.

For this, SaaStr has 500 no fee passes for people who come from an unrepresented community, that is to say, those that were mentioned above. This is an excellent opportunity for those who sometimes are disregarded within the industry to have their voice heard.

Tickets for SaaStr 2020

It may seem like June is still ages away, but the Early Bird tickets are selling out incredibly quickly. For your chance to receive discounts of up to more than 50%, see the registration form on