Play Store Developers Can Add Keywords to Their Apps for a Better Discovery


Google is giving the liberty to app developers to tag applications on its Play Store with keywords or phrases in order to have better discovery. Android Police said that the option to add tags was first given to Play Console at the beginning of August.

This fairly new option will give a lot of help to Play Store when it comes to establishing where it’s the right place for the app and how to compare it with other apps, affirmed Google. When you want to apply tags, you can choose up to five out of a setlist of 150 tags.

Tags should only be changed by developers when there is a necessity for a notable modification to the content or functionality of their app. Moreover, Google is asking developers to be precise when they are tagging their apps.

For example, a racing game for multi players with vintage automobiles can have as tags “racing” and “car race”, because these tags would precisely indicate what you can expect from the games. But these types of games should not have tags like “stunt driving”, “motorcycle racing” or “truck racing” that would attract similar gamers but whey would not be relevant for the game in the discussion.

Google’s built-in malware protection for Android did not pass a test carried out by the security researchers at AV-Comparatives in July. AV-Comparatives it’s a self-supporting lab that makes tests for anti-malware solutions for well-known malicious applications. In its Android test, the lab used security products from 10 well-known sellers against a group of 3601 malicious apps. Google Play Protect had really bad results compared with the other security solutions and even though a built-in security solution is not expected to do as well as a dedicated product, the difference was not expected to be so big.