10 Reasons to Move to Switzerland

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Among the biggest and best decisions you will make is to move to Switzerland. It is a country that will offer you the taste of different culture and lifestyle, giving you insight into another dimension of life. We have a list of 10 reasons why you should consider moving to Switzerland.

10. Opportunities to work

Switzerland gets you ahead in the job market as it has better work prospects and better pay. Whether you are moving in with a job or to look for one, this move will get you earning the average highest income in the world, especially in the finance, banking and insurance sector.

 9. Education

Switzerland has public, international and English schools and offers one of the best educational systems in the world. They have seven higher educational institutions and 12 universities.

8. Healthcare

The high-quality healthcare services, excellent standards and shorter waiting times are the reason the life expectancy is high with 79 years for men and 84 years for women.

You must take health insurance within three months of relocating.

7. Environment

The dramatic mountains and calm lakes are among the beautiful sceneries enjoyed by those who move here. The south is warmer while the north tends to be cooler. Summers are Mediterranean with the coldest months being January and February.

6. Sport

Skiing, snowboarding, and mountaineering are the sporting activities best known in Switzerland. They attract tourist exceeding 8 million annually, especially for the famous Si events.

5. Diversity

The four official languages in Switzerland are German, French, Italian and English. This makes it a multi-national country with the residents and temporary foreign worker making only slightly more than 20% of the population. This diversity will make you adjust to your new life faster.

4. Safety

One of the safest and best country to raise a family is Switzerland. It is calm with a scarce crime rate. The emergency number to use is 117.

3. Stability

Switzerland is safe with political neutrality that makes it the most stable democracy in the world. It remained relatively unharmed during the recent economic downturn, thus maintaining a haven for investors and an economy with minimal unemployment.

2. Clean

Switzerland tops the Environmental Performance Index as the cleanest country in the world with high hygiene standards. They care for their environment and is attractive to those who are environmentally conscious.


With the high standards of living in Swiss, your children will be safer and benefit from al the advantages that the country has to offer.